Money Talks: Saving On Valentine's Day

Since the middle ages, Valentine's day has been the day when lovers express their affection in the form of flowers, sweets and cards.

But you don't have to break the bank to impress your Valentine. Here are some quick tips to help you find the perfect gift. Let's start with flowers.

If you want them to last, don't buy on the side of the road, and be careful about buying online. Keeping flowers cold is crucial.

Isabell Martin, Florist, says, "Go to your local florist, they're guaranteed to have the freshest flowers. They have been refrigerated from the time they're picked to the you receive them."

If they're roses, buy closed buds...and use the preservative they come with.

If you're planning on a romantic meal, forget restaurants. Save money by making a memorable meal at home. But don't eat where you normally do: find a cozy spot in your home, put a blanket down and eat picnic style.

And if this is the year for diamonds, remember the verify the stone with a certificate, but don't get carried away...

"The young lady is not going to wear the certificate.So get the most beautiful stone you can for your budget."

Bottom line? Valentines day is not about money, it's about romance! So, let's see if you can impress your sweetheart without depressing your budget. All you need to do is substitute a little imagination for your money. I've got 15 specific ideas to save on Valentines Day and they're right here at