Money Talks: Shopping Health Insurance

With health care reform now close to becoming the law of the land, the need for insurance hasn't gone away.

Most Americans will still be buying it and paying for it.

Money reporter Stacy Johnson reviews some tips to make you an informed health insurance shopper.

Shopping for food is something that TMs second nature.

You compare ingredients, prices and quality.

But very few people feel as confident when they TMre shopping for health insurance, and it shows in the prices they pay.

Health care reform will ultimately bring another 30 million people into the insurance-shopping marketplace, and many of those people should understand how to buy insurance: what the ingredients are, what affects prices.

For example, the deductible.

Want to keep your prices low?

Keep a high deductible.

Another important ingredient is the network.

And the discounts your insurer can get you in that network.

One other major ingredient?

Your stop-loss.

Bottom line?

Healthcare reform doesn't eliminate the need to understand insurance: it magnifies it.

So don't be a dummy!

When it comes to insurance, learn how to shop in case you drop.