Money Talks: Taxes 2011 - Free Help

Taxes can be complicated, and the slightest oversight could mean leaving major money on the table. Good reasons to hire professional help. But if you qualify, that help won't cost you a dime.

If you made less than 49 grand last year, you might qualify for free tax help. It's called VITA: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. And they have offices all over the place, there are thousands of them. Military bases, churches, some IRS offices ... these things are everywhere.

If you're over 60 with low to mid-income, AARP offers the Tax-Aide counseling program at more than 7,000 sites and it's free.

And even if you're too young or make too much, you might still qualify for free electronic filing: 100 million

The cutoff for that is income less than 58,000. So if you made less, you can file electronically free. Check it out by going to and clicking on free file.

If you're willing to file with online forms, you can fill them out online and file electronically for free: no matter what your income.

So up to 49,000: free preparation. Up to 58,000: free file. Do it yourself online? Free file no matter your income. And for everyone else: free help. Either in person at the IRS office, or on one of their toll-free numbers.

But here's a warning... If you walk into some tax preparation services they'll take your money...even though they know you could be getting that service for free somewhere else. So, here's what you need to do, find out if you qualify. I can help you right here at