Money Talks: Tech's Biggest Myths

Smart phones... tablets... HDTV. Technology can be a beautiful thing.

But sometimes some of the things you think you know are wrong. And getting it wrong could mean spending extra money. Here are some of the top myths around tech.

Myth number 1: You need expensive HDMI cables to get the best picture on your HD TV. No. Popular Mechanics, CNET and plenty of others tested cheap HDMI cables and picture quality was the same.

Don't spend more than $10 for these cables. Next... your smart phone. More bars means better service, right? Not Necessarily. More bars do indicate signal strength, but signal quality and reliability depend on the number phones using the same tower.

Myth three: you need to defrag your hard drive all the time. PC World says it's really not that necessary and modern computers do it automatically anyway. They also add that if you've got a solid state drive, it could even shorten its life.

Myth number four: More megapixels means better pictures. While maxing out megapixels will drain your wallet, most cameras today have more than enough to get great prints in sizes you'll use. And a final myth: Newer is always better. Buying the latest and greatest often means paying top dollar to be a guinea pig. Waiting even one year, especially for smart phones, usually means a discount and debugged device.

Bottom line? When it comes to technology... don't believe everything you hear, especially if it's going to affect your wallet.

What you need is more tech myths and we've got them for you right here at Just do a search for "Tech Myths."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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