More details released in deadly San Benito wreck

A massive cloud of smoke blocked visibility for drivers on FM 732 on Wednesday afternoon in San Benito.

According to San Benito police, the problem was a grassfire that got out of control leaving drivers with zero visibility which resulted in the death of a 23-year-old man.

Apparently, he was struck by one or two of the vehicles while this cloud of smoke was covering the intersection," said San Benito Police Detective Arturo Flores.

The deceased man was identified as Raul Perez Mejia of Sebastian.

Flores told Action 4 News that Perez was run over but they don TMt know how or by who.

Police believe two vehicles that left the scene may have more information.

They told Action 4 News that they are looking for a green Saturn and a black pick-up.

Aside from the death, there were also several others injured in the wreck involving several cars and two 18-wheelers.

Two people were transported to Valley Baptist Medical Center for treatment, one was released and one is still in critical condition, said Flores.

As authorities try to piece this all together they told Action 4 News that a landowner burning sugarcane could have taken proper precautions to prevent the tragedy.

The owner of the land between FM 732 and Pennsylvania Road in San Benito is Joe McCain.

McCain who spoke to Action 4 news on the telephone where he said employees had a permit to burn sugarcane.

San Benito Fire Marshall Henry Lopez told Action 4 News that even though they had a permit to burn sugarcane, there should be an awareness of harsh wind conditions.

There are sugar field of sugar canes that burn everyday that look just like that one," explained McCain.

In the end McCain, did call this incident unfortunate.

Our true, true condolences go out to all, said McCain.