More possible victims of credit card scam

There could be more victims in the fraudulent credit card scheme unveiled Friday, Edinburg Police told Action 4.

A total of ten men were arrested and arraigned Friday, they are accused of using the counterfeit cards to fill up containers with diesel gasoline.

Police found the men after the Flying J gas Station in Edinburg reported suspicious activity.

"According to their company credit card transaction there were about $8000 that had already been victimized," Edinburg Police Chief Quirino Munoz said.

Photos and surveillance video from the store allowed police to identify one of the alleged thieves, which lead them to the other nine men.

Police also searched an apartment belonging to one of the individuals, where officers found items like computers, vehicles and fuel tanks used in the scam.

"Apparently they did have somebody that was buying it from them and that's what we hope to learn by the time we finish with this investigation," he said

Chief Munoz said the investigation could also uncover more people or business that might've fallen victims to the scam. "Especially right around this time of the year, we start to see more and more often some of these credit cards schemes."

He asked that anyone who believes they might've been affected to come forward and contact police.