More questions than answers in missing Marine case

Missing marine

It TMs been over two months and still no sign of U.S. Marine Corps. veteran Armando Torres, his father Armando II and uncle Salvador Torres.

Action 4 News asked his wife Melissa if she was still waiting for a phone call from her husband.

No. I TMm not anymore, she said.

She said it TMs been hard dealing with the issue since he disappeared.

I TMm battling with my faith right now because of this, Torres said.

Her husband of four years went missing on May 14th after crossing the Los Indios Bridge near San Benito.

He was on his way to visit his father TMs ranch in La Barranca, Tamaulipas.

Once there, family members witnessed the marine, his father and uncle taken by force.

Family members said they were kidnapped by armed men believed to be cartel members who reportedly took control over a portion of the ranch using it as a distribution point to smuggle drugs into the U.S. We know that they (federal agents) are out there have they told you anything? Action 4 News asked.

No still no signs of life, still no signs of death either, Torres said.

Action 4 News contacted the FBI to request an interview, but the request was denied.

Action 4 News reached out to Congressman Ruben Hinojosa to see what government is doing to bring home the marine left behind.

We actually have two agents that have been assigned this case and they are working with our counterparts on the Mexican side, Hinojosa said.

Two FBI agents actively searched in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Sources close to the case told Action 4 News federal agents recovered the Jeep, Torres was believed to be in.

His kidnapping garnered national attention.

Calls for action from the brotherhood within the U.S. Marine Corp. and congressional leaders continues to expand.

Soldiers and active military soldiers know that I as their congressman will not let them down I will fight for them I will work with them, Hinojosa said. So what I tell them is to have blind faith, that I together with my staff are working on this case of Armando Torres and will not stop until we get to the bottom of it.

The Marine Corp. veteran is described by former supervisors as the Go-To marine. Torres served on both the military police and Quick Reaction Force during his seven year tenure as a marine and was deployed twice. Melissa believes time is running out.

She said when he went missing, she called his cell phone and an unknown person would pick up.

Now when she calls there is no answer.

I just call just to hear his voice but that it, Torres said. It TMs painful.

Melissa said she feels lost and is in pain.

What gets her through her days and nights are their two children, but they too are having a hard time dealing with their dads sudden disappearance.

They TMre experiencing nightmares and wishing their father would come home, according to Torres.

He (son) was laughing and talking to his dad (in a dream). Having a conversation with him a little bit, Torres said. He kind of hugged something and he kind of raised his hands in the air and said, ~No daddy, don't leave me. I said no daddy don TMt say goodbye to me. Don TMt do that. Don TMt leave me here TM." Torres said.

A dream, also a hard reality.

Melissa said as hard as it is, she has started to face reality that Armando may not come back.

She plans to soon make the transition and explain to her children that their father may not come home.

He was the love of my life at one point and I still loved him as the father of my kids, Torres said. I feel like I tell my dad ~I lost a part of me TM and he says I understand but your outlet out of this is your children.

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