More victims of black market silicone injections come forward

Nohemi Gabriela Gonzalez

The Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department is investigating three people connected to an underground silicone injection operation.

An undercover investigation led to the arrest of Nohemi Gabriela Gonzalez who was believed to have given about 30 people the toxic injections, now investigators believe that number is closer to 100.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said Gonzalez could have been operating for more than 10 years.

We did not expect this to explode the way it has, Sheriff Trevino said.

Investigators uncovered the black market operation after a victim ended up at the hospital and almost died from her silicone implants.

Many people turn to the unlicensed spas because they offer the injections at a fraction of the price of a licensed doctor.

Anyone involved with the injections, whether performing the injection themselves, or providing a front for the spa, could face charges.

Investigators are waiting for an autopsy on one Gonzalez TMs clients who died of heart condition that could have resulted from the injections.

Sheriff Trevino said if the death is medically proven to be connected, Gonzalez could be charged with murder.