Mosquitoes making a comeback

Day after day of rain adds up to a paradise for mosquitoes.

With the showers eventually fading out of the extended forecast, it won't be long before those annoying pests are back.

John Bach and his four-legged friend June are avid joggers.

They walk the trail at McKelvey park in Harlingen every day.

But after weeks of rainfall they're not alone.

Mosquitoes are making a comeback, an all too familiar battle for Bach.

One he's fighting with insect repellant.

"Oh man, 'Off' spray you know. They sell them cheap over there at the dollar store. There's not really that much of an excuse but I meanyou got to protect yourself," said Bach.

His concern: coming down with West Nile virus from a bug bite or even Dengue fever.

Dr. Brian Smith with the Texas Department of State Health Services is monitoring the situation.

"Dengue only occurs in waves," said Smith.

Smith said it TMs a common disease in Veracruz, Mexico, with modest levels in Tamaulipas right now.

But it's not an issue north of the border, where West Nile is more of a threat.

Normally, you would see people walking their dogs or going for a jog at McKelvey Park but all the recent rain adding up is making that impossible.

There's just no room, because the water has taken over the path.

Stagnant H2O is a big attraction for these biting bugs.

"What you're worried about are the mosquitoes that breed in your backyard any containers. Flower pots any small container that holds water in your yard, that's what you worry about," said Smith.

Mosquitoes will continue to breed over the next couple of weeks after the rain stops, which will have people like Bach spraying them away.

"Try to be safe be cautious about all that stuff," said Bach.

According to the state, it TMs been a low year for West Nile cases in Texas.

To fight the bite, just remember the '4 D's.'1) Stay indoors at dusk and dawn.2) Dress with long sleeves and pants.3) Defend yourself with insect repellant.4) Drain standing water in your yard.