Mother admits to leaving kids home alone to get food stamp card

Monica Ramirez // Raymondville Police Department

Raymondville police have arrested a woman who allegedly left her 1-year-old and 3-month-old children alone at home while she drove across town to go fight with their father.

Officers were initially called out Tuesday morning to Monica Ramirez's home on West Wood in Raymondville after she and her boyfriend were involved in an argument.

Police told the man to leave to avoid any further problems.

Raymondville police said he complied and went to his mother's house.

Later that day, investigators said Ramirez left her young children unattended to drive to her boyfriend's house to get her LoneStar and WIC cards.

When he noticed she was there alone, he asked where the children were.

Police said that's when Ramirez started making a scene and police were called yet again.

Officers spoke to the woman, who admitted leaving the kids home alone while she came to speak to her boyfriend.

Police immediately went to the home on West Wood Street and found the door was unlocked and the children on the bed.

Ramirez was charged with two counts of abandoning and endangerment of a child and resisting arrest.

Child Protective Services (CPS) was called in and removed the children from the home.

They were later released to the father.