Mother and son arrested for selling drugs

Speakers, radios, and guns are just some of the items found inside an Edcouch home.

We recovered a lot of stolen property, said Edcouch Police Chief Eloy Cardenas. Which we believe was being exchanged for drugs."

But the crime did not start at the home. It actually started a few blocks down with a 16-year-old allegedly selling cocaine.

"We got a call from a concerned citizen that there was a young teenager standing on one of our street corners, said Cardenas. They said he looked suspicious. The officer arrived and the teen didn TMt run"he spoke with the officer."

Eighteen small bags of cocaine were found on the teen.

That arrest led police to the 16-year-old TMs home"where his mother admitted to having hundreds of dollars in stolen items and drugs inside.

"The mother advised us she was taking full responsibility for the stolen items and drugs found on the property," said Cardenas. Edcouch police believe the teen TMs mother is the one who had her child out in the streets selling drugs. "Teens, since they are underage, sometimes they get a leaner sentence and are back out in the world able to sell again," said Cardenas.