Mother begs water district to drain canal to recover son's body

The mother of Andres Frias is begging the water district to shut off the water gates long enough for the family or rescue crews to recover his body.

McAllen firefighters stopped searching for the teen after five days.

Now that it's been one week, Frias' mother says this is her last resort in getting her son's body back for a proper burial.

"I just ask everyone out there, if you were in my shoes, I know you guys would be doing the same thing," said Maria Frias, the victim TMs mother.

The victim TMs uncle also says they TMve asked why more measures haven TMt been done to retrieve Frias TM body.

"They just haven't explained to us why they haven't closed the water gates, said uncle Efrain Alvarado. And we are very disappointed."

The family says the Pharr Police Department as well as many supporters have been generous by bringing food and water.

They also say McAllen firefighters as well as the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department have said they will arrest those who use any outside efforts in recovering the body due to dangerous underwater currents.

However Mrs. Frias says until her son's body is recovered, her family will not leave the site where her son drowned one week ago.