Mother charged with manslaughter for son's death

It's a story that's become all too common.

A Brownsville child was found dead inside a hot car Tuesday.

Only this time, the Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said it was three-year-old Francisco Avila who walked-out of his Cameron Park home, and locked himself inside an unserviceable van.

Authorities believe the boy was trapped inside the van for about two hours before his 16-year-old sister found him.

Authorities are holding his mother, 33-year-old Elena Isabel Rodriguez, accountable.

''The child was gone for two hours, Lucio said. How can you have somebody who is three years old, to be gone for (two) hours without knowing where he is at? So that makes a big difference."

However, Rodriguez TMs aunt, Leticia Lomas said, she is a loving mother to the little boy and her six other children, and is devastated over what Lomas said was an accident.

"Sometimes you just get so busy, and you get caught-up, Lomas said. This is something that could've happened to anyone. We should just learn to be as vigilant over our children as possible."

Lomas said she loved the boy as one of her own, and said she and the rest of the family are in great pain.

"He was a playful child, a beautiful child full of energy - he was my little angel - it's just an unexpected tragedy," Lomas said.

A mother of two herself, Lomas said it's a tough lesson learned, but hopes others will at least take away something positive from Avila TMs death.

"We need to be vigilant of our kids and treat them like the treasure, pearl, diamond that they are, Lomas said.

Child Protective Services took custody of Rodriguez TMs six other children.

She was charged with manslaughter and her bond was set at $40,000.

The boy TMs family is asking for help with funeral expenses.

Donations can go directly to Guerra TMs Funeral Home in Brownsville located at 3955 Coffeeport Road.

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