Mother claims administrator played 'doctor' with daughter

Concerned mother

A Rio Grande Valley mother turned to Action 4 News after her daughter was allegedly molested at a charter school in Mission.

Action 4 News is withholding the mother's identity to protect her daughter but will refer to her as "Susan."

"I TMve cried so many nights and so many days," Susan said. "Sometimes I TMm driving and I remember and I beg God for his justice and for other kids,"

She told Action 4 News her 5-year-old was sexually assaulted while attending Excellence in Leadership Academy by an administrator.

Susan claims that back on September 28 2012, her daughter came home saying her 'private parts' hurt. "I asked her when I was bathing her, I asked her What had happened? TM and she didn TMt complain anymore and she said, ~Well nothing happened mommy, and she TMs like ~Oh yea I already went to the doctor TM and I said ~What doctor? There TMs no doctor in school TM and she was like ~Well it TMs not a doctor it TMs Mr. Lopez TM she said

The mother immediately began asking her daughter more questions, trying to get answers.

Susan said "The Dr. Lopez" she mentioned is an administrator of the school.

She claims she has taken her concerns to the principal but there has been no response yet.

"In the middle of the hallway we don TMt know if she was pulled by Mr. Lopez or I don TMt know," Susan said. "All I know is that Mr. Lopez was acting as a doctor and that this was at the big office with the big window that use to be there, I don TMt think it TMs there anymore and after that, he took her to the restroom that TMs where he pulled her underwear down to supposedly put some medicine."

Mission Interim Police Chief Robert Dominguez confirms they TMve been investigating this case since September and that an ointment was confiscated from the school.

The chief said they are waiting for key forensic evidence found on the little girl's clothing.

He said they are waiting to see if there is a possible link to the cream they obtained from their investigation.

"A lot of these investigations do take a lot of time to put together. I TMm hoping to have some type of closure in the coming months, unfortunately with the submission with this evidence to the lab and so forth they do take some time to come forward. Like I said we are still proceeding forward with the investigation," Dominguez said

Interim Chief Dominguez said he hopes to bring closure to this case within the next couple of months.

The mother of the 5-year-old told Action 4 News she will not give up.

She wants the school to let the parents know what is going on at Excellence in Leadership Academy in Mission.

The campus remained closed due to Spring Break.

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