Mother claims Facebook site is linked to 'cyber-bullying' in Harlingen CISD

A Harlingen parent believes a high school student is using Facebook to ridicule, insult and spread vicious rumors about classmates.

She's concerned it could drive some who are targeted to do harm to themselves or others.

The controversial Facebook profile features a picture of a male Harlingen high school student with a caption that reads he looks like a "chick."

Another post accused a female student who's pregnant of trying to purchase drugs.

Other wall comments linked specific students to various alleged sexual acts with classmates.

A parent, who asked to be unidentified, said her 14-year-old daughter is named on the site.

The profile's creator claimed she performed a sexual act while in a broken down vehicle along the freeway.

Her mother said it's not true.

"I was pretty upset that kids will go out of their way to make up a page just to talk about people at a school or either school," she said.

The Facebook profile has been up since the end of May.

The person who created it is never identified by either a posted photo or name.

And while the one parent said her daughter wasn't fazed by the posted comment, she felt the online rumors, ridicule and harassment were a form of a cyber bullying.

She feared those targeted could take the messages to heart.

"[They] could end up doing something to themselves like hurting themselves because of the comments being made," she said. I TMm calling 4 Action because I wanted this page to be taken down and I know y'all would be able to help."

Facebook has a number of online safety measures to prevent this type of activity.

It TMs listed under the user "rights and responsibilities" section.

Everyone who signs up agrees to the terms of the social networking site.

Users who "bully, intimidate or harass" could be permanently banned from Facebook, according to posted rules.

The profile site in question continues to generate friends.

The mother of the alleged victim offered one piece of advice to other people who were targeted on the site.

"Ignore it," she said. "Your friends really know who you are."

Anyone who wishes to report a questionable Facebook profile or page can do so by clicking the report button found on the left side under the user-in-question's photo.

Harlingen police would not say if any laws were broken on the Facebook profile in question because nobody has filed a formal complaint.