Mother claims her daughter was forced to have sex over the course of 52 hours

La Feria Police

A 15-year-old girl was lured out of her Harlingen home by a 19-year-old male, according to her mother.

"I believe she left with the intent to go out for a few hours, but then when she was in the vehicle, she realized that wasn't going to be the case," the mother told Action 4 News.

The teen TMs mother immediately jumped into action by posting flyers everywhere she could and called the media in hopes to get the word out.

The family then received tips on the whereabouts of the missing girl.

Someone gave her just enough information, which led her to a home in "Blue Town" near La Feria.

"I started questioning all the houses. I came upon the house (where) they answered the door. I showed them a pic of my daughter they told me that she never been there.

I saw the reaction on their face, and I told them somebody told me my daughter spent the night here," the frantic mother said.

After consenting, the girl let the mother inside the home to search.

The mother was told that her daughter had never been to the home before, but she was not convinced.

"She took me to the first bedroom; no signs of my daughter. She took me to the second bedroom; no signs of my daughter. But as I was getting up from looking under the bed, I saw my daughter TMs cell phone," she said.

The mother then became hysterical and demanded answers.

She was told to check a shed in the back of the home.

Without fear, the girl's mother ran out to check.

A noise prompted her to change directions, and she then saw a car taking off with her daughter inside.

"I tried to stop the car, I couldn't. I was on foot, but I did get the license plate number," she said.

The license plate number number was her only hope.

A relative called the owner of the mustang and convinced the 19-year-old driver to let the girl go.

She was eventually dropped off at a Stripes gas station and later taken to La Feria police.

"My daughter went through some horrible things while she was there. She's alive. She is going to need some therapy," she said.

The mother claims her daughter was sexually assaulted over the course of the 52 hours she was missing.

La Feria Police Chief Don Garcia said they are currently investigating the case.

The teen was taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center, where a rape case was ordered.

Chief Garcia said the 19-year-old could face a charge of sexual assault of a child.