Mother comes home for holidays before heading to Afghanistan

After seeing the end of the Iraq war and rallying troops out of Iraq, Christina Wilson is back home with family just in time for the holidays.

Michelle Wilson has missed her mom. She TMs 17 now, but since the late 90 TMs, her mom has served in the army.

Every time she TMs been deployed, she wasn TMt able to be down here for the holidays, said Michelle.

It TMs been hard on the family.

I realized my mom TMs not here, and I would always see these little kids say ~mommy mommy, TM and I didn TMt have my mom|that TMs the worst, said Michelle.

This Christmas marks the first holiday Christina will be home for the holidays.

Christina said her trip from Kuwait to McAllen seemed like an eternity.

It was like, I want to get home|I want to see the kids! said Christina.

Christina and her family are looking forward to the next two weeks they get to spend together, because after this leave, Christina is going to Afghanistan to continue her work in the Army Reserves.