Mother heartbroken after losing her daughter to a synthetic drug

Gloria Serna is not dead, but she's been missing for months and her mother fears the worst if she doesn't get help soon.

Her mother Gracie Serna hasn't had a good night's sleep since May when her daughter got on the school bus and never came home.

"I really miss her and I want her to come back home," Gracie said.

Gloria Serna will celebrate her 16th birthday, but her mom has no idea where she is and fears she's in danger.

"She's also taking medication, Gracie said. She's bipolar and she needs her medication every day and she hasn't been taking it."

To make matters worse, the teen is apparently hooked on incense.

"Oh my God, they look terrible, they are pale white, like a dead person, you talk to her and she's not even there she's in wonderland, Gracie said.

According to her mom, Gloria started using the synthetic drug months ago and had been in rehab until February after the use of incense had sent her in a downward spiral.

Gracie could barely recognize her own child.

"Even my friends when I would go to their house, Gracie said. I would have Gloria with me and they would ask Why she looked like that? TM"

She thought her daughter had overcome the addiction, but now she's out on the streets doing who knows what.

"I don't even know where she sleeps, Gracie said. Some people say they've seen her sitting around at parks."

Gracie said her mom needs help before she finds herself in serious danger or ends up dead.

"Please call me, text me, go on Facebook to find me, Gracie said. I really miss you."

The family has since moved from Mission to an aunt TMs home in Mercedes.

Anyone who knows Gloria TMs whereabouts can contact Mission police at 584-5000.