Mother of 3-year-old left in hot car speaks out

The wife of a man taken into custody for leaving his three-year-old son in a hot car during a Wal-Mart run is speaking out.

"I know he's a good father a good husband," said Carmelita Flores.

Carlos Flores and his brother Ramiro are accused of endangering Carlos' three-year-old son Christian.

"He would never hurt his kids," said Carmelita.

McAllen police said Carlos and Ramiro went to the Wal-Mart store located on 29th Street and Nolana to exchange clothes and forgot Christian in the car.

Carlos' wife, Carmelita, said this was just an unfortunate accident.

"At that time, he had thought the kid had stayed with me at the Laundromat," she said.

Carmelita said her husband left the child in the car for only 30 minutes, but officials said that could have been deadly.

Luckily for Christian, a shopper saw him inside the hot car banging on the window.

The Good Samaritan rushed to get a Wal-Mart worker to help get the child out.

"At that point and time, the child appeared to be dehydrated," said McAllen police spokesman Joel Morales.

Police said Christian was hooked up to an IV at the scene then taken to the hospital.

Carmelita said he's back at home and doing well.

"I just ask God to help me have peace in my heart and be able to help my husband," said Carmelita.

The judge set a 100 thousand dollar bond for both Ramiro and Carlos.

If convicted, they could face two to 20 years of jail time and a fine of up to 10 thousand dollars for endangering a child.

Police said Child Protective Services have been notified of this incident and are opening a case.