Mother of 35-year-old robber returns stolen money

Ricardo Zavala // Cameron County Jail

A man was picked up by people he knew, but after refusing to give them $50 to buy cocaine, he was beat up and choked, according to documents obtained by Action 4 News.

The San Benito victim was allegedly robbed of $600 during the beating.

Authorities arrested Richard Zavala on a felony charge for his part in the robbery.

At first, the victim stated he did not want to press charges, but contacted police a month later.

The victim told authorities Zavala went to his house so they could go buy beer.

As Zavala drove away, he and another person opened the door and pushed the victim down on his seat and started choking him, according to documents.

After releasing the victim and driving away, the victim went to a nearby house and called 911.

Documents say Zavala TMs mother returned $250 after confessing her son took the money.

Zavala was booked at the Cameron County jail late last week, and his bond was set at $50,000 for burglary, a second robbery felony.