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      Mother of beaten baby speaks out

      A very emotional mother spoke to Action 4 News after her 20-month-old was shaken, slapped in the face and spanked, all before sitting him in time out.

      The incident happened Friday night at the 700 block of Sauz Ave.

      "It hurt me to hear my baby get hurt like that, crying like that," the woman said.

      "Sally," left black and blue, said her 22 year-old boyfriend Erik Luna turned on her when she tried stopping him from attacking her 20 month-old child.

      "It breaks my heart that he had to go through what he had to go through. I know I should have called the cops but I was just scared," she said.

      Raymondville police say Luna was drunk and upset because the toddler would not stop crying.

      "A grandmother arrived home and stated that her grandson was abused. The grandson had injuries to his rib area. Also to his face and bruising to his eyes as well, Raymondville Sgt. Detective Andres Maldonado said.

      Police said the grandmother called police on Sunday after she noticed the signs of abuse on the toddler.

      When they arrived, Luna took off.

      Child Protective Services (CPS) were called in and removed the baby from the home, until Luna is arrested.

      Leaving "Sally" heartbroken.

      "Not getting to be with him and holding him all the time like when I turn around he's not there and I TMm so use to him being around me all the time," she said.

      Sally's hope now is that someone will turn Luna in or that he will surrender to police.

      Right now the baby is being cared for by family members.

      Sally said CPS will not return the child until his home environment is ruled safe.

      The child continues to recover from his injuries. Police said he is doing fine.

      Luna is wanted in Raymondville for injury to a child, family assault and evading arrest charges.

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