Mother of missing man travels to Mexico to find him

It TMs been four weeks since Nelly Shankle has seen her son Noel.

I am not giving up hope, said Nelly.

Noel Shankle is 28-years-old, but that doesn TMt change how concerned Nelly is for his well-being.

It TMs not over until God says it TMs over, and he hasn TMt told me that yet. said his mother.

His disappearance remains a mystery.

Noel flew from north Texas to Harlingen, rented a car, and then crossed into Mexico through the Veteran TMs International Bridge in Brownsville close to midnight on February 3rd.

He told his family he was making the long trip to have dental work done for cheap.

Other than surveillance video from the bridge showing him driving across the bridge, there TMs been no sign of Noel.

A month later, his mom has made the same trip, driving all the way from Carrollton, Texas with four male family members.

I drove over the same bridge, said Nelly.

The group traveled into Matamoros, Mexico, Friday and began posting missing persons signs all over town.

We posted them on telephone poles and businesses. said Nelly.

They even stopped by the U.S. Embassy to meet the people they TMve been communicating with over the phone in person.

We found out that there are several people missing, said his mother. "I'm just waiting for that call so we can start planning his homecoming party."

Hours later, the family returned to the valley with nothing, except a little bit of hope that their efforts may shed some light on what happened to the missing man.

The Nissan Altima Noel Shankle rented from Hertz at the Valley International Airport in Harlingen has now been reported stolen.

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