Mother of six may not walk again because of 'broken system'

Trisha Perez's left foot broke in three places when she slipped in her Mercedes home.

"One of the bones is not attached and I will never work again if it does not get pinned back," Trisha said.

The 33-year-old has gone to two different hospitals for care and told she needs surgery, but must see an orthopedic surgeon first.

"They are charging me $400 to 500 just for a visit and I don't have that kind of money," Trisha said.

That has left her immobile for three months now.

She turned to Action 4 News after she was turned down by every state and federal agency for assistance.

"I already tried twice for Medicaid and they denied me because you have to make under $317 a month but I get child support and my daughter works, Trisha said. I went to indigent program, help of America and charities with the hospital and they all said no."

Her six children have had to help mom get around in a wheelchair which is on loan from a friend.

"They are the ones doing everything for me, and helping me but they are young, Trisha said. They don't need to be doing this, I need to be doing this."

The mom who is estranged from her husband is completely helpless and said if she could work to garner funds for her surgery, she would.

But when she can barely even get around her home safely, there's no chance of her getting out of here if she can't stand up.

Her 18-year-old daughter is about to leave for the Army and support a country that isn't supporting her own mom.

"They told me in order for me to qualify for emergency Medicaid I have to be an illegal immigrant or pregnant," Trisha said.

She has no option but to sit here, her heart broken over the stress it's caused her children and the broken system that won't give her a break.

"There should be some other kind of help for people like us who need the help right now, Trisha said. I can't walk, how am I going to walk?"

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