Mother pleads La Feria ISD to stop bullying

It TMs a mothers desperate attempt to get answers or for something to be done.

She said, for the last two years her daughter has been a victim of bullying, but this time it went too far. "She scratched me all over my neck, right here, on my nose, my neck my mouth and I was there bleeding, La Feria High School student Maria Ortiz said. Irma Ortiz, the alleged victim TMs mother, who works for the La Feria ISD as a custodian, claims she has made countless reports with administrators but nothing has been done. She said she worries so much about her daughter's safety, it has become a health concern. She said doctors have warned her she is having stroke symptoms. I live on the edge, I hear ambulance sirens and I feel desperate, I TMm wondering if something happened to my daughter, I call to find out if everything is TMs too much Irma said. Assistant Superintendent Robert Rivera tells Action 4 News, he is aware of the situation and has begun an investigation. Rivera said they are increasing the amount of counselors if anyone wants to talk.

He said they have tried to really work on combating the bully issues. Irma said it TMs not enough. What should I wait for? Until my daughter is dead, so the school district will do something...I don TMt think it TMs fair. I pay my taxes and I have a right to ask something be done for my child Irma said. Maria said she would prefer to switch to another high school but her mother does not have the resources to take her to another school. If you or someone you know is being bullied, contact a school administrators or the local authorities as soon as possible.