Mother Pulls Her Child Out of Daycare

It TMs not every day that you find yourself pulling your kids out of daycare, but for one Harlingen couple, they made that decision without any hesitations. Laura and Adrian Resendez's son has only been at the Harlingen-Child Development Daycare for 6 days, but it didn't take long before Laura decided to pull her son out of the center, after Laura check on her son, and witnessed what she says was "abuse to a child".

According to Laura, it appeared as though the woman was hurting the infant, butAccording to the director, Elaina Deggs, that was not the case, in fact the care taker was only putting the baby to sleep while rocking him back and forth.

Resendez and her 3-year-old son says the daycare is far from caring, and says her son usually gets along with everybody, but now he just cries all the time.

In fact, we asked if he like the daycare and he said "no" and that they had hit him.

Mrs. Deggs tells action 4 news her employees have been with her for 14 years with no complaints and believes the Resendez's are making things up.

Again, the daycare denies any wrongdoing.

Laura and her husband say if you have a child in daycare, make sure to take advantage of your rights and make those unannounced visits, she says you'll be surprised at what really goes on.