Mother remembers her child's death from Alton bus crash

Wednesday marked the day that claimed the lives of 21 students in a bus crash in Alton. Dora Rodriguez remembers the fateful day like it was yesterday. She said her 16 year old daughter Ana Delia Rodriguez had only been on the bus for a few minutes when a Dr. Pepper truck ran a red light and slammed into the bus. The impact of that accident sent the school bus into a caliche pit filled with water. After hearing about the crash, Rodriguez said she rushed to the scene and looked for Ana among the survivors, but she wasn't there. She said what hurts the most is that her daughter didn't get to enjoy her adolescence. "Once you get to an age, you lived your life, but when you're fifteen or sixteen you're just starting out and that's what happened to them," said Rodriguez. Mission fire department deputy chief Rene Lopez, Jr. said firefighters responded to the scene on Bryan Road and 5 mile line, but what they saw was more than what they could have imagined. "It was a very tragic day and the worse that Mission and Alton had ever seen to this date," said Lopez. And while time has passed, family members said the pain of losing a child is something you never forget.