Mother says son's bullying ignored at IDEA College Prep in San Benito

My son was attacked by six or eight boys and punched numerous times in the face and in the body, said Cindy

A fight involving this Harlingen mother's son occurred December 5th inside a bathroom at IDEA College Prep San Benito, resulting in a concussion and swollen eye according to medical records.

Cindy is hiding her identity to protect her sons.

But she wants his story heard since she claims IDEA administrators responded to his alleged beating in an unacceptable manner.

"He was left on the floor for a long period of time and the school didn't even know that he was missing, said Cindy. To me that is unacceptable.

Cindy alleges that no one at the school even noticed her son was not in class.

The only way she found out he was in trouble was when he apparently regained consciousness in the same bathroom where he had been beaten and sent his father a text.

Cindy says when she spoke to school administrators about the fight; they suspended one of the boys believed to be involved and her son.

She decided to remove him from the school.

There was too many ways that the school failed him, said Cindy. They failed him in letting this even happen to him, they failed him for letting him lay on the floor for more than 30 minutes, they failed him that he should have been in class and they didn't even know he was missing, they failed in not calling an ambulance immediately.

We spoke to a spokesperson for IDEA schools who in a statement said The school learned Monday about the fight that took place between two middle school students. A school investigation found that the two boys agreed to meet in a cafeteria restroom to fight. Both students were suspended for three days for the fighting. Allegations Cindy denies saying her son was the victim of bullying and never agreed to fight, much less to be an active participant in an altercation that sent him to the emergency room.

IDEA College Prep San Benito does not have campus police to conduct investigations so Monday the Harlingen mother decided to file a report with San Benito Police.

So far police have not returned our calls.