Mother upset after daughter finds bloody syringes in hotel room

A fun trip to the Conroe, Texas turns into a nightmare for a La Feria family, who is now stuck with medical bills after finding dirty syringes in their hotel room.

Krystle Lowe said vacationing will never be the same, "we're going home for the holidays and I'm afraid to let [my daughter] go anywhere."

This past Labor Day weekend, her family took a vacation to Conroe, Texas and booked a hotel room at an EconoLodge, but during their stay. Lowe's eight year old daughter made a disturbing discovery.

"We turned around and she had a dirty syringe in her hand. I was surprised, shocked, upset. I cleaned her up the best I could," said Lowe.

Lowe told Action 4 News it didn TMt end there, the family found several more used syringes with blood inside under their mattress. They also found unusual strips.

"From what the HIV clinic thinks it is, [it TMs] probably an antibiotic they give out to the people, who are dirty| that wipe their arm to try to not pass a disease to someone else," described the worried mother.

Lowe is in complete disbelief and said it TMs turned her family TMs world upside down. Her daughter now has to be tested every few months for the next two years, just to make she didn't contract any diseases.

So far, the test results have been negative. The hotel reimbursed the family for their stay, but Lowe wants them to be held accountable for putting her daughter's health at risk. Especially after an employee told her this wasn TMt the first time a dirty room has been rented out.

"We should feel that wherever we stay it TMs safe and clean. I shouldn TMt think that I should be staying in a biohazard room |that I shouldn TMt be able to let my children stay in," said Lowe.

Lowe said she has been in contact with the hotel owners, but is still considering legal action. Action 4 spoke to the hotel and while they do confirm the Lowe family got their money back, the owners said will not comment until after the Thanksgiving holiday.