Mother vows to get son healthy after he goes missing

A McAllen woman's son was missing for four days.Luckily 21 year-old Joshua Torres was found safe early Wednesday in an Austin shelter. But Sandra Llanos' worries are far from over.

We are going to get him the help that he needs said Sandra.

And it's going to be a long road.

Joshua disappeared while the family was in Austin last weekend.

Behavior unlike him says Sandra who describes her son as a happy, responsible father of a one year old.

Sandra does admit Joshua was recently struggling with anxiety and believes he may have taken a synthetic drug she found in his bedroom to cope with his mood swings.

"It's scary because you don't know how you're going to react, said Sandra.

You don't know if you're come out of that high.

K2 makes people on it- do some crazy things.

Just recently a man from Waco beat and then ate his dog while reportedly on the synthetic drug

The marijuana substitute is known on the streets as incense, spice, bath salts or K2 and it's making its way into the hands of teens at an alarming rate, despite a federal ban on it more than a year ago.

Just like the government took a stance on the herbal incense so is Sandra.

"I had said if he did not voluntarily get help that I was going to do anything in my power, said Sandra.

After being picked up by family members in Austin, Joshua willingly checked himself into a hospital where doctors will run tests to determine what exactly Joshua took that night he went on a trip and didn't return.

Whatever the results are this mother says she's going to do everything possible to make sure her son gets healthy again and that his story serves as a strong warning to anyone using synthetic drugs, that although they are sold at local smoke shops, their effects can be dangerous.