Mother wants action from Lyford school district after a teacher allegedly calls her son 'dumb and stupid'

Dumb and stupid are the hurtful words a 10 year old claims a teacher at Lyford elementary called him.

Devin Jay Maciel said that he was excited to have this teacher, she was rumored to be a good teacher but after the incident he TMs changed his mind.

Veronica Cortez, the 10 year olds mother claims she TMs had enough, and this teacher crossed the line.

Castro said "That doesn TMt give you the right to call him that, don't act dumb and stupid, and my little boy just looked at her and asked her, did you just call me stupid? Later realized, what she did was wrong, she apologized, she admitted that she did that."

These hurtful words are the ones making Devin not want to go to school said his mother.

According to Lyford Superintendent Eduardo Infante, he said They have dealt with every concern Mrs. Castro has and they take each case seriously. Infante said "All I can tell you is that with every single matter we have looked at diligently investigated, looked into matters and done what was the appropriate thing to do"

Veronica Castro said her son is effected by the harsh words "he now calls himself dumb"

Devin said he has learned a lot, he says it TMs like when he rides his skateboard I get back up and try again.