Mother's Day recipes

Want to avoid the rush at the restaurants this Mother's Day?

You should cook up a delicious homemade meal for her instead!

Chef Adrian Cruz joined Action 4 Sunrise on Friday morning to give you some great ideas.

Keep it simple but classy for mom and start with a refreshing watermelon salad and then cap off the meal with a delicious dish centered around great seafood.

Watermelon cucumber and pickled onion salad

1/2 a seed less watermelon2 red onions6 oz of feta cheese5 oz of mix baby greens1 English cucumber4 oz of micro greens2 radishes1 bunch of mint

Pineapple vinaigrette

1/2 cup of fresh pineapple3 tblsp fresh graded ginger1 cup of vinegar2 pinches of salt1 pinch of white pepper5 tablespoons of honeyLemon oil1 cup of olive oil6 fresh lemons grated for zest

Blacken shrimp and white beans tossed with baconGarlic shrimp blackened and layered on a bed of white beans, spinach, sweet red bell peppers ,lemon zest ,and crispy bacon. Then garnished with more bacon and garlic butter and lemon vinaigrette froths.

1 pound of 16/20 shrimp2 cans of white beans 1/2 bacon slices diced1 tbsp of garlic1 bell pepper cleaned and diced8 oz of fresh spinach1 lemon for zest

Season the shrimp with blacken season and garlic toss together and set aside grab a skillet and pre heat add olive oil add the diced bacon cook and set aside add butter and more oil to your skillet add your peppers , spinach , and beans toss together and layer on a plate heat up your pan and saut your shrimp on the hot skillet with butter then add your white wine and freshly squeezed lemon juice and the bacon now toss the shrimp and top it on your white beans and spinach. And enjoy!