Motive remains unclear in Alamo shooting, standoff

Alamo and San Juan Police are investigating the shooting and standoff between a Mission man and police on Monday afternoon.

Officers stood by with guns drawn out, as the man with a semi automatic gun stood outside his white ford truck.

The drama played out during rush hour at the Economy Gas Station on Alamo Road and Expressway 83.

After a 30 minute standoff, officers finally made their move.

"We had a negotiator that talked him into giving himself up," Alamo Police Chief Arturo Espinosa told Action 4 News.

He said the 9-1-1 call came in after the suspect, whose name has not been released, brandished a gun inside this store.

Officers finally located him on Tower and Frontage Roads, but instead of stopping he sped off towards the gas station.

"Once here, he shot at one of the units, didn TMt hit anybody, Chief Espinosa added. Officers returned the fire."

No one was injured in the shootout, but bullet casings littered the ground and bullet holes left their mark on the truck.

"Reporter: Are you happy with the outcome and how everything turned out? Espinosa: Very happy. I'm proud of the officers, the way they responded."

Chief Espinosa concluded that he is also relieved his officers did not have to use lethal force.

At this time, it is unknown why the man went into the store with gun, or fired at police.

He is expected to several charges, including deadly conduct, and will likely be arraigned sometime Tuesday.