Motorcycle driver turns in a no passing zone and dies

A deadly accident on 4 mile line in Palmview scares the family who lives in front of the accident scene."The motorcycle passenger flew about 50 feet into the empty lot and we believe the driver hit the minivan and was more than likely dragged under the minivan and his body ended up behind the minivan, right next to the tires," neighbor Lizeth Ramirez said.She said she has seen many accidents happen on FM 492, cars have even landed on her property."When they lifted the body we did hear I believe, the mother, you could hear her in the background crying and yelling out her sons name," she said.She says the accidents on FM 492 are too close for comfort."As a mother I fear for my kids lives you know, being that this intersection is dangerous. A lot of accidents have happened, none of them ended up with a tragic death," Ramirez said.Texas Department of Public Safety troopers said they responded to a two vehicle crash along FM 492 and 4 mile line in Palmview.Both the Suzuki motorcycle and Plymouth Voyager were traveling southbound on FM 492.The Voyager was directly in front of the motorcycle when the driver of the Voyager made a left turn onto 4 Mile Line, the motorcycle passed to the left -- in a no passing zone and struck the Voyager.The driver of the motorcycle, 19-year-old Francisco Ruben Garcia died at the scene.His male passenger was airlifted to Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen."He had his whole life ahead of him, a whole life ahead of him and he was barely going to start living and for his life to end so tragic like that, it's sad its really heartbreaking," Ramirez said.Ramirez said she would like to see speed bumps or flashing lights placed along FM 492, she want drivers to slow down.According to Ramirez, the speed limit is suppose to be 50 mph, she believes many don TMt respect that number.DPS confirmed both the driver and passenger of the motorcycle were not wearing a helmet. The name of the passenger has not been released at this time.The crash is still under investigation.Click here to follow Veronica on FacebookClick here to follow Veronica on Twitter