Mourning husband wants answers from gravestone company

A gravestone is a final tribute to a loved one lost, but Alfredo Marin said he's dealt with five years of heartache trying to get the gravestone he ordered for his wife who died in a car wreck.

It happened in September of 2006 and we came back in June to look at the gravestone, said Alfredo Marin

The problem started when Marin buried his wife.

He says the $1,100.00 monument is not what he ordered, the date of her death was incorrect.

Marin purchased the gravestone from Discount Monuments in Harlingen in 2006.

Since then, two different people have taken over the business, both of whom passed away.

I tried calling the previous owner TMs lawyers but no one ever got back to me, said Marin.

The location now has a new owner.

Marin returned to the site to purchase another monument at $700 and once again it came back with the wrong date engraved.

Leading Marin to believe it was the old monument that was lost.

It was not the new one that I bought. It was old and dirty.

To find out what is going on we went to the Harlingen business.

We asked about the problem with the stone.

Owner Margarito Avila did not want to be on camera but did show us the gravestone. He said after a lot of back and forth he realized he used an engraving company in Mercedes not in Edinburg like he previously told Marin.

It was the same one used by the previous owner.

Avila saif they must have had Marin's info in their records and that's what caused the mix up.

The owner had this mistake fixed and says it's ready to be placed on the woman's gravesite.

He'll just need Marin to pay off the remainder of $200 balance.