'Mouthful of problems' could be solved by Brownsville dentist

Velma Suarez has been too embarrassed to smile lately because most of her teeth are missing but a Brownsville dentist, who did not want to be identified, offered to help Suarez with her dentures.

Suarez first called Action 4 News claiming she spent $1200 on dentures that were made too big for her.

She said despite asking the dentist that did the work to fix them or return her money, she got nowhere and was stuck with the dentures.

"I thank him (the dentist) for coming forth" said Suarez.

It took her about a year to save up for the dentures by putting aside some of her disability check and Suarez said she currently doesn't have that kind of money to pay for another set.

She said the dentist's willingness to help, could impact her life positively in more ways than one.

"I try to stay away from people from a lot of people because of that, I don TMt feel right you know|.I feel like they look at me"

The 48-year-old said she learned the tough lesson that people need to do more research before getting any dental or medical work done.

Suarez told Action 4 News she's hoping this dentist will be able to help her so that she can get back to the workforce.