Multiple campus officers detain student for refusing to give lighter

Raquel Rivera claims the so-called brutal attack on her son was because of a cigarette lighter.

"They just brutally,brutally, brutally assaulted my son," she said They got him, put his hands to the back and slammed him to the ground.

Rivera admits her 16-year old son Hector did take out his cigarette lighter in the cafeteria last week, but she adds it's no reason for four officers to use excessive force. "They abuse their power and it shouldn TMt be that way, they should be there to protect the schools and the children," Rivera said

Rivera alleges her 120 lb. son was dragged and used as a body shield to enter the school.

She claims they used his head to open the metal doors.

When she picked him up his entire right side of the face was drenched in blood.

It was then, that she immediately demanded answers.

"Go back to the drawing board and have all you officers retrained and get all the corrupt ones out," Rivera said

Brownsville ISD tells Action 4 News, the Rivera High School student became unruly when campus police tried to confiscate the lighter.

A statement provided by Brownsville ISD said "Parents are not limited in what they can say about their own child but we must limit our remarks".

When the Rivera High School student was directed to surrender the lighter, he refused and became combative with the officer... so he was detained. Brownsville ISD confirms this is an active investigation.


I have talked to the parties involved and this is the response that I can give. Remember that the student is a minor which limits what the district can say.

Parents are not limited in what they can say about their own child but we must limit our remarks.

I can confirm that a 16 year old, male Rivera High School student was detained by BISD campus police on Thursday, December 13. The student was

playing with a lighter in an area where there were a lot of papers. He was directed to stop by a security officer and told to surrender the lighter.

He refused and became combative with the officer. Therefore, he was detained by campus police. Since he is a minor, no more information is can be provided.

Drue BrownPublic Information OfficerBrownsville ISD