Multiple vehicles at college campus burglarized

Three different burglaries on three different vehicles are the theft reports, reported at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen.

Police are on high alert, looking for any suspicious activity.

It TMs the last thing students want to worry about, having your car broken into, while you're in class trying to get an education.

And now the school is saying, enough is enough. "The reason we sent out a crime alert is because we had three break-ins into vehicles and they stole radios and they happened within a three-week period," said Chief Aurelio Torres

Aside from constant patrols by police, there are about 60 security cameras are placed around the campus to help keep a watchful eye.

Chief Torres said they have started new alert messaging for students sent by either text message or e-mail.

They also encourage an ID program, that allows you to write down serial numbers of your belongings.

"Unfortunately, people need to go through the experience to actually learn about it, what we try to do here is be proactive we provide three trainings a year on year on personal safety,"Chief Torres said.

Chief Torres said following simple steps like rolling up your window and keeping personal items out of plain sight, can help you from not becoming a victim

When officers see a concern like the car with the window down, they automatically write a warning sign and place it on the window.

Students said the changes are positive and they feel secure knowing their vehicles are being protected.

"I think it TMs a pretty good idea to protect people TMs property and their belongings," an anonymous student said.

Campus police said that ever since they have increased security and started the new security implementations, they have seen a dramatic decrease in reports.

They have not had any other reports of burglaries.

The man that is believed to have committed the robberies was seen and reported by a student.

Police said that if you are a victim, you should contact campus police.

The suspect has not been found, but police do have a description of him.