Murder Investigation Far From Over

A once steady business, Mariscos Playa Azul is now abandoned with just a "For Rent" sign out in front.

That's the restaurant that five suspects invaded, binding customers and employees with zip ties, during the kidnapping of 22-year-old Reyes Bocanegra. He was discovered about an hour after he was kidnapped, shot execution style, in the back seat of his SUV. It was left on Roberta Road, Near Rancho Viejo, on July 18.Brownsville police have made five arrests in the case. Leonardo Vasquez, 28, was arrested in San Benito on Aug. 7 and the same night his brother, 33-year-old Carlos Enrique Vasquez was arrested in Mercedes."These two individuals were not at the location, but they are believed to have masterminded the whole scenario, the plan," Brownsville Inv. J.J. Trevio said.A 15-year-old was arrested in Zapata on Aug. 1."The juvenile is believed to have been one of the individuals that was inside the location," Trevio said.Police said there are still two suspects that were inside the restaurant, executing the plan, that are on the run. Police did not reveal if the suspects already in custody, Abraham Parra of Laredo and Francisco Javier Flores of Brownsville, are cooperating with authorities to track down the remaining suspects.However, they add the pieces are slowing falling into place.As far as (the specific information that detectives) have, obviously we can't reveal that yet, Trevio said. Ultimately it will come out to light, but for the investigators to be able to obtain a warrant for murder, means that they have enough probable cause to link (these suspects) to this case."