Murder-suicide investigation in Rio Hondo

A rural Valley neighborhood was shaken up after getting word of a violent crime Thursday night.

Authorities there are investigating two deaths just outside of Rio Hondo.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio called it a murder-suicide between a couple.

He said the shooter had been drinking.

Deputies arrived after someone called 9-1-1 and hung up.

They found a man and his girlfriend shot to death.

Their bodies were removed from the home in the 33-hundred block of FM 106 Thursday night in Rio Hondo.

"Deputies responded and found the bodies in the bedroom where they were lying," said Sheriff Lucio.

According to the sheriff, Jose Sanchez, about 40 years old, had been drinking and was angry with his live-in girlfriend, 45-year-old Maricela Galvez Villarreal.

He allegedly shot her before turning the gun on himself.

"She had been associating herself with another individual, another female individual and he was a little upset about that," said Sheriff Lucio.

One Neighbor said nothing like this ever happened in his neck-of-the-woods.

"This is a very safe neighborhood. Its very nice out here," said Mario Martinez who lives two houses down from the crime scene and was concerned about his family's safety.

"Hard to believe," said Martinez.

The sheriff said Sanchez told his cousin over the phone that he would kill Galvez but the cousin didn't believe it.

"She was supposedly making fun of him or laughing at him and he didn't appreciate that at all," said Sheriff Lucio.

Authorities said the couple was together for about a year.

Their bodies were found around 10 pm by someone close to the family.

"Its sad to hear something like that. I know she has a daughter and for her to lose her mom, its sad for any kid to lose their parent, especially like that," said Martinez.

A 380 caliber gun and 3 shell casings were recovered from the scene.

As of Friday afternoon it was not known where or how many times the woman was shot.

An autopsy was still underway Friday.

Sheriff Lucio said the woman leaves behind two children from a previous marriage.