Murder suspect flees, caught crossing back into U.S.

Ricardo Navarete Lozano

The man who police believe pulled the trigger in a deadly shooting at a gas station in Alton last month is now in police custody.

Ricardo Navarete Lozano, who is also known as "Negro", was arrested early this morning as he attempted to cross into the U.S. at the Pharr International Bridge.

Investigators believe the 26 year-old fled to Mexico after the deadly shooting that occurred on November 26th at the Aziz Quick Stop convenience store off 5 Mile Line near Conway Avenue in Alton.

Lozano is the 6th arrest in connection to the murder.

The five other suspects are in the Hidalgo County Jail charged with capital murder. Artemio Gonzalez Aguilar Jr, 18 Lazaro De La Rosa Olivarez Jr, 20 Juan Jose Rivera Covarrubias, 20 Luis Alberto Aleman Leo, 34 Jorge Luis Ruvalcaba, Jr., 27

Police believe Lozano shot Jose Luis Gonzalez in the chest.

Although shot in the heart, Gonzalez tried to drive and flee from his attackers but died about a mile down the road.

Investigators believe the men targeted Gonzalez in order to steal marijuana and illegal immigrants from a nearby stash house where Gonzalez was allegedly a caretaker.

Police found groceries in the back of Gonzalez's truck that they believe were meant to feed immigrants at the stash house.