Murdered teen's mother finds strength in business

Maria Galvan described Saturday,how she came up with a name for her new massage and spa business in Brownsville.

"I was looking up at the sky, and I was thinking about my daughter, that she's there in heaven - and I don TMt know I just said heaven - Heavenly Hands," Galvansaid.

The daughter she refers to is 17-year-old Tiffany Galvan.

Galvan was stabbed to death in August of 2010, allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend.

However, Saturday marked a happier occasion for Maria Galvan.

Family, friends and customers joined her during the opening of her very own business.

"Well, you never rebuild your life," Galvan said.

"There's always a pain and it's never going to go away, but I have to be strong I have to continue."

Galvan said finding courage to face everyday life has been tough.

She's worked as a masseuse for about five years, but said she finally found the strength to go into business by herself.

"I have to keep my mind busy, even though I always have my daughter in my mind," Galvan said.

"It's very hard but also it helps me when I do several massages, or when I TMm planning to decorate (the spa) and it helps me a lot because I focus - I want to give the best quality to my clients."

To do her best, Galvan said she keeps a good support group around her, and prayer is what ultimately helps the most.

Galvan said not one day passes that she doesn't think of Tiffany, but she hopes her story can inspire others who have undergone tragedy, to find the will to move forward.

"Tiffany is always in my heart and I still have a wound in my heart (and) there's still a lot of pain," Galvan said.

"But I have to continue - you have to be strong!"