Must-haves gadgets for 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year, for shopping that is, with the latest gadgets and electronics hitting the store shelves just in time for Christmas.

So what are the big sellers this year?

The 7th generation ipod Nano just came out this October and is expected to be a big stocking stuffer for people of all ages.

The biggest difference for this one from the last generation is this one has a longer screen and it will give you more options than before, Best Buy sales associate RJ Aguilera said.

If you're tween isn't quite ready for a phone give them the new ipod Touch.

"This one is great for pre-teens because it can do everything they want, Aguilera said. It's going to do games, apps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They can also send texts to any ios device."

A new mp3 player also needs the accessories, like the popular headphones Beats by Dre.

"Most people just want to wear them and never really have anything plugged into them," Aguilera said.

If you are shopping for a gamer, chances are if they don't have Call of Duty Black Ops II, they want it.

"For all the hard core gamers this is the biggest thing out this year, Aguilera said. It doesn't matter what's going on in the world, this is what's keeping people inside."

If you TMre looking for something to entertain the kids, the Wii U is the newest game console to come out in five years.

The new Wii U controller you can actually draw pictures and swipe it onto your TV.

With the recent release of the iPad mini and Kindle Fire HD Best Buy expects to make a lot of sales.

"Tablets have been the biggest seller since their debut about two years ago," Aguilera said.

Having trouble deciding whether to get a tablet or a laptop?

No need to decide between the two because you can get one in the same. Lenovo has produced a Windows based device that TMs both a laptop and a tablet.

All PC run devices now run on the new Windows 8 operating system.

"Everything is running faster, Aguilera said. There is an application for pretty much anything; Kindle, Ebay, Internet Explorer, Marketplace, camera, video. You name it they'll have it."

Young or old tech savvy or not, there's a gift for everyone.