Mutilated Dogs Get Second Chance

Five-year-old "Baby" is fighting for her life after someone struck her and another dog with a sharp object, possibly a machete.

"She actually had a break into her skull, the injury to her back was close to her vertebrae, there is a lot of muscle damage."

The severely injured family pet underwent a two hour surgery at the PETDOCTOR 911 Wednesday and is now heavily medicated to subdue what is more than likely unimaginable pain.

Luckily, although whoever butchered her came just centimeters from her eye, it wasn't slashed.

"We are very thankful her eye was safe, she should regain vision in the eye," said Cator.

It's a miracle she's alive but Baby isn't out of the woods yet.

"This is going to be a very long recovery for her. It's 50/50, it depends on how she responds to care and her recovery. Adam has a little better chance, he didn't have the most severe injury, she did."

While we were checking on Baby's recovery, seven-year-old Adam was in surgery with Dr. Robert Zamorano who is working to repair the large gash in his neck.

The two dogs wandered from their Edinburg home on Ansley Street Monday night and came back bleeding and barely alive.

Their owners are not leaving their side.

"I kind of lost hope yesterday and then my sister told me you (Action 4) were coming by and now we are here and the dogs are stitched up," said Jacky Brown.

Action 4 viewers and Facebook followers have donated nearly $2,000 toward the veterinary bills and the family couldn't be more thankful.

"We're really grateful and really really wasn't expecting this and knowing they are going to get to live."

They will remain at the 24-hour emergency animal clinic getting round the clock care as they continue the struggle to recuperate from the vicious attack.

The technicians watching them closely have never seen injuries imposed on animals by a human to this extent.

"It doesn't make any sense, we were all in tears when we saw them," said Cator.

But now tears are being shed for another reason, Adam and Baby are not giving up.

"She's way better than yesterday, I cried again but happy tears this time."

Meanwhile no one has come forward to having witnessed the crime and therefore no arrests have been made.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office continues investigating.

Donations can be made to Adam & Baby Orozco by calling PETDOCTOR 911 AT (956) 683-PETS.

Follow their recovery at and on

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