~Mystery TM Craigslist scammer leaves family without a new start

A McAllen couple are out hundreds of dollars after a craigslist scam where they believe a woman would help them start their new life.

Genesis Hernandez was ready to move out of her parents TM house and start a new life with her boyfriend and their son.

Hernandez turned to Craigslist and Lisa Caballero's listing seemed like the perfect fit.

"She said that she lived there and that she was moving to California and she didn't want to lose the deposit, Hernandez said. So that TMs why she wanted to transfer the lease."

Hernandez says that Caballero TMs even acted as a friend when Hernandez was having problems with her boyfriend.

"I was going through some times with my boyfriend and she said well if you want you can move in like I TMll give you a room to stay if you don TMt have were to stay, Hernandez said. I mean she seemed really nice, I believed her."

Hernadez was even invited to see the apartment on the 600 block of Toronto Ave. in McAllen.

Me and my boyfriend were like desperate to have a place already so we were just like whatever let TMs get it, we will get the apartment," Hernandez said.

She put down a $500 deposit and that TMs when Caballero stopped answering her calls and nearly all of her text messages.

"When she stopped answering I was like well what TMs going on? Hernandez said. I didn't know, my family would tell me something is wrong."

Hernandez tells Action 4 that Caballero eventually disconnected her phone.

On moving day, Hernandez learned she'd been scammed.

She found a man living in the same apartment she put down a deposit for.

"The guy was like, I don't know, like I don't know nothing, Hernandez said. He is like but I TMve seen the lady here, Lisa she is around here, he's like but she didn't live here like another lady lived here."

Now, 20-year-old, Hernandez acknowledges she should have checked out the listing on craigslist before handing over a cash deposit.

"Did you at any point speak with the landlord or the owners of the apartment complex? No, Hernandez said. Did you ever think that you had to talk to them? No, I mean it TMs my first time getting an apartment so I really didn't know."

We contacted McAllen police and they confirm that right now the case is under investigation and are looking into it as theft.

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