Narco-corrido singer TMs murder still under investigation

Sources say witness Chuy Quintanilla was killed after he saw Trevino meet with drug trafficker El Gallo

During the sentencing of Pat Medina, the judge mentioned a witness who saw Hidalgo County ex-Sheriff Lupe Trevino meet with newly convicted drug trafficker Tomas Gonzalez.

That witness was murdered last year.

Sources close to the case told Action 4 that witness was Chuy Quintanilla, the slain narco-corrido singer from Palmview.

He gained fame through his corridos that depicted Mexican drug wars and corrupt lawmen in the Rio Grande Valley.

In his song titled "Tomy Gonzalez" he describes Gonzalez who also went by the name "El Gallo," also the title of another song by Quintanilla.

But he may have struck a chord with an enemy with his lyrics.

He was found dead on a dirt road north of Mission back in April of 2013.

"We believe he has at least two gunshot wounds to the head," ex-Sheriff Trevino said during an interview the day the body of Quintanilla was discovered.

Now over a year later, Trevino, who was in charge of investigating this murder is going to prison for accepting illegal cash contributions from Gonzalez.

The homicide investigation is still unsolved, but today we learned how the current interim sheriff is handling the investigation.

"One of the priorities for this Sheriff (Eddie Guerra) was identifying cases that were high priority," Commander Joel Rivera said.

Rivera said the murder of Quintanilla is on that list.

"There is always a conjecture that it was cartel related," he said.

We learned that two homicide investigators are on the case and the Sheriff Guerra reached out to the Texas Rangers and Homeland Security Investigations.

But more than a year after the murder investigators are running into roadblocks.

"When it comes to older cases there are always those things for example witnesses, their memory fail," he explained. "We've collected all the evidence and we've done an evidence analysis. "

Rivera would not divulge a possible motive in the murder or comment on the courtroom testimony.

But it's possible Quintanilla's music left clues to who may have wanted him dead.

To this day a murderer is walking free and the secret to why Quintanilla was killed in cold-blooded murder is unsolved.