"Nasty Restrooms" get Clean

Images of trash inside a shower stall, old doors with rusty hinges and even a broken faucet were captured by an Action 4 News viewer during a Labor Day visit to Isla Blanca Park on South Padre Island.

She described the conditions as plain horrible.

Friday, Action 4 returned to the main Pavillion restrooms at Isla Blanca to find that some visitors agree and believe it's time for an upgrade for all the restrooms.

"They're out dated, too old and I think they need to just renovate, make it up-to-date," visitor David Ortiz said.

Cameron County Parks Director Javier Mendez said that following the report, he immediately sent crews out to inspect the restrooms.

"(Our maintenance crews said) there's nothing wrong with them " we have some hinges that we're going to repair because they did rust, but the restroom doors close, everything is fine - there's no faucets that are broken, Mendez said.

Another visitor, Miguel Angel Avalos said he visits Isla Blanca Park at least twice a year. He said that over the years he's never seen significant improvements to the restrooms, but and wouldn't mind seeing some soon.

"The shower heads are deteriorated, the stalls are too, but as far as the cleanliness goes, right now it's good, Avalos said. I do think some remodeling is needed. I've been coming here a long time and it's always the same."

Mendez said although they would like to renovate the restrooms, there is simply not enough money to do so. He said building brand new restrooms would cost millions of dollars and the parks system is already strapped for cash - operating 14 parks on $280,000 per year.

What we have is that our expenses are more than our revenues, Mendez said.

He said his maintenance crews will continue to make repairs as needed and wants to assure the public that although the restrooms, may not be a modern, they are functioning and they are clean."