National Guard command staff meets with Rio Grande City leaders

File Photo of National Guard troops in Rio Grande City

Up to 250 National Guard troops will soon be patrolling along smuggling corridors and hot spots in Starr County.

National Guard command staff met with Rio Grande City officials on Wednesday.

Mayor Ruben Villarreal confirmed that he meeting took place between National Guard officials as well as city leaders, police department, fire department and emergency management officials.

Villarreal said National Guard officials confirmed that between 200 to 250 National Guard troops will be deployed to Starr County over a gradual period of time.

The guardsmen told city leaders that they will not be enforcing immigration law but rather targeting smuggling and other illegal activity along the border.

Mayor Villarreal told Action 4 News that the guardsmen will be staying in Starr County during their deployment.

The deployments will be gradual, so there will be no dramatic convoys of military vehicles on Starr County roadways.