National Guard Troops return home from Iraq

Cheering and clapping is how loved ones welcomed home their hero's this Sunday morning in Brownsville.

Over 70 National Guard Troops from the Alpha Company 3/141 returned to the valley and they couldn TMt be more excited.

Lt. Col. Joachim Strenk told Action 4 the best day is when they get to back come home.

The troops spent the last 9 months of their lives in southern Iraq serving as convoys for several operations.

It TMs a hard sacrifice that families like the Rodriguez TMs have to make.

It was difficult but we knew he was coming back, said Kayla Rodriguez whose father serves with the 3/141. So were anxious for that day and its finally here."

It was a day that filled parents, spouses, siblings and children with all sorts of emotions.

I was expecting just to be excited but it was just so many feelings I didn TMt know how to feel at the same time," explained Rodriguez.

One little guy welcomed his papa proudly sporting a t-shirt that read he TMs not only my daddy, but my hero.

But these hero's know the role comes with important responsibilities.

Sgt. Pedro Rodriguez, Kayla TMs father who serves for the 3/141 said, If they need us for certain situations we are ready to go."

And even though each guardsman TMs time to go may be different one thing is for sure, these families will enjoy every minute they get to spend with their loved ones.

About 200 guardsmen are expected to arrive in the next few weeks.