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      Nature Report: Mother Lagoon

      The Lower Laguna Madre or Mother Lagoon is the most productive bay in Texas.

      It is one of only three hyper-saline bays in the world.

      Although, it is saltier than the sea, more than thirty years of data collected by Texas Parks and Wildlife Coastal Fisheries biologists show that 50 percent of the trophy trout, trout 30 inches or better, have come from the Lower Laguna Madre.

      The Mother Lagoon in deep South Texas covers some 300 square miles from the land cut, approximately 30 miles north of Port Mansfield to the jetties at the Brazos Santiago Pass on South Padre Island.The bay has an average depth of less than three feet.

      Because, there are no major rivers that empty into the Laguna the warm dry climate and low annual rainfall account for a high rate of evaporation that concentrates the salt.

      The lack of freshwater inflow that would cause turbidity also contributes to making the Lower Laguna Madre the clearest bay in Texas.This combination of clear and shallow water means ample sunlight reaches the bay bottom promoting luxuriant seagrass growth.

      Seagrasses are the basis for the high natural productivity in the Lower Laguna Madre and provide both food and shelter for life in the bay.The Mother Lagoon attracts thousands of fishermen from throughout the state and nation. Annually, the Lower Laguna Madre accounts for more than $400 million dollars spent for sport fishing and recreational use.While, the economic value of the bay is considerable, the pure joy and inspiration the Mother Lagoon affords those who ply her waters is inestimable.

      Texas TMs southernmost bay is truly the Mother Lagoon, sheltering aquatic species amidst her abundant grasses and providing for the soul cleansing spiritual needs of those who visit her watery domain.With your Nature Report I TMm Richard Moore