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      Nature Report: Port Mansfield Beach Cleanup

      The sixth annual Port Mansfield Cut and Beach Cleanup is set for this coming Saturday March 15th and the public is encouraged to attend. Cathy Bassler, Cleanup Organizer, "We call it the Port Mansfield Cut and Beach Cleanup, because we clean up the Mansfield Channel, and then we clean up about five miles of the PINS beach. This year we hope to do more, because we have more people." More than double the volunteers from last year are already signed up for this weekends cleanup along the Mansfield Cut and Padre Island National Seashore, with approximately 230 people expected to participate. Bassler, "Last year was an unbelievable year. We picked up 20 tons, 20 tons of trash." If you are interested in helping out with this weekend's cleanup, sign up is set for 7am Saturday morning at the Port Mansfield Chamber of Commerce Pavilion. Bassler, "I have got about 40 boats and probably 12 to 15 vehicles on the beach, and they will have to drive down from Corpus." The more boats and volunteers the more trash will be removed from the area. Bassler, "Just come out, we have a good time. We give you breakfast. We give you a sack lunch on the beach. You get a free T-shirt. We have a good time, and when you leave you really do feel really good about yourselves. It is a hard day's work. It is physical labor. When you get home you are tired. You get home tired and feeling really good about yourself, because it is so rewarding to see that big huge pile of trash and know that you got that off the beach." With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore